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Hubzilla / Zap users: Click here to shop.

If you don't wish to sign up, you can still buy my music from this simple version of a Shop site. There are drawbacks, which are all explained there, so I strongly recommend signing up instead.

The benefits of signing up and purchasing through the Hubzilla store include

  • Instant access to your downloads - just click here for all your purchases (Folder appears empty unless you already bought something)
  • No time restrictions; web access to your purchases does not expire (on the manual shop: 7 days access), so if you lose the downloaded files you can always download them again
  • Stay in touch and get updates and tour dates
In a more general way, signing up for Hubzilla also gives you access to a growing network of social sites that have nothing to do with big companies and therefore don't rely on selling your data to stay in business.

If you already have an account and need help with on how to purchase, click here for instructions.

Click here for instructions on how to get started.

There are plenty of sites where you can sign up. I'm not endorsing any of them since I don't know the people who are running them. You can, however, go to to sign up for a limited account. It's the "offical" site from the Hubzilla project. It's meant as a starting point, and there are limits on how many connections you can add, among other things. It will, however, be perfectly suitable to connect to this channel and buy from the store. If you find then that you like Hubzilla enough to keep using it for other things, don't worry about having to start from scratch - you can simply "clone" your channel to a less restrictive instance, and all your connections will be accessible from the new location. This also applies to your purchases on this site, since they're tied to your Hubzilla identity, which is "nomadic", meaning movable.

It doesn't matter where you sign up; unless the site maintainer added some severe restrictions (rare), you will be able to connect to all other instances.